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    Strategic HR

  • Change and Culture initiatives – Do you want to create an environment that makes people more productive? Do you want to retain your talent? Do you want to increase your engagement scores? Well let us help you do just that.
  • Talent Identification and development – Are you looking for the person that best reflects your culture and value fit? Would you like to have us help you unearth that rough diamond within the organization? I am sure they are there.
  • Performance Management implants and or enhancement – Do you want a high performing workforce? Have you wanted to introduce a Performance Management System but needed some guidance? Maybe you have one, but need some developmental sessions to make it more effective and embed it within the organizational culture. It can be done.
  • Specific and customized interventions to help prepare individuals and/or groups who are being groomed for the next role or being readied for the ever changing internal and external environment – realistically you have already identified your key people and want them to be mentored and coached to be ready for their next role. We can provide one on one session with them to help them along.
  • Restructuring an organization for optimization of resources – Is your organization ready for a growth phase. Do you need help to ensure you are doing it efficiently as well optimizing your resources? Or do you need to restructure and downsize but need a helping hand through this critical phase? Well talk to us and we can walk you through this process and ensure that you manage it with empathy and yet be forthright.
  • Preparing for mergers and acquisitions – are you about to buy out or merge with another organization? We all know how many such unions fail. Well we can provide you with expertise to do so thus increasing the chances of success.
  • Manpower identification and deployment – do you look at both internal and external talent identifiaction as just filling a role. Well you will be surprised how your talent identification strategy is the lynchpin of everything that the organization stands for. Let us show you how to do it better and increase your success rate.
  • One to one coaching and mentoring – do you have an amazing staff member who is stagnating and needs a nudge from time to time. Has their spark whittled but you are willing to give them a chance? Well we can come in and help the individual discover that spark or have an assertive conversation that allows them to realize what their options are.
  • Create compensation structures that allow you equitably remunerate people and manage benefits in uniformity across the whole organization – in the current market place; every penny needs to be managed closely. And ones biggest outlay is salaries. Thus having a robust transparent structure to ensure equity and clear remuneration guidelines helps an organization plan and budget accordingly. Thus we can consolidate and structure your compensation and benefits to fit the profile in comparison to the market practices.
People Matter