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We are a team of awesome & dedicated people.

People Matter is all about making people the core focus again in a world where to a large extent technology has freed us and yet to a certain degree but more so has imprisoned us and prevented us from being humane.

Technology has evolved tremendously. With its advances, scientists are looking to take artificial intelligence to such a level where one cannot differentiate between a robot and a human being. As exciting as that is, the flip side is that human behavior has evolved towards robotizing people. We are expecting machine like efficiency from people. Indeed that makes humans “a lot more valuable “. At this point I would like to pose a question, ‘valuable from whose perspective?’. Is our scale measuring “value” the correct one? Are we not undermining our God given strengths where as human beings, our emotional abilities is what differentiates us from animals and machines?

We live in a world where change and complexity is a part of the fabric of life. Having worked in HR for over twenty years, I have seen HR evolve tremendously and yet if there is one thing that pains me about HR, is the fact that we have desensitized and dehumanized ourselves. Our people are now mere numbers that we address when necessary and realistically fulfil the role as quasi prefects.

Well at People Matter, we are trying to humanize HR again as our tagline suggests. What does that mean? First and foremost we listen. Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to come to work in an organization that has people who want to come to work, where corporate politics barely exists, where people trust explicitly, because people do what they love to do? Well if you are willing to invest the time, effort and energy, we can go down this journey together and make what looks ordinary seem extraordinary.

By offering comprehensive HR Services, we cover a full range of HR issues. With flexible HR packages available to help your business, People Matter can either become your company’s HR Manager or work on a project basis.

We are HR professionals who work to high standards to ensure legally compliant HR advice and best practice is followed. As an experienced HR Consultancy, we listen to understand what will work in your company and adapt our approach to ensure you are not only satisfied but delighted with the HR solutions you receive. This can be achieved, as we have experience in a variety of industries. This coupled with our realistic and practical approach to HR, allows your business to run as smoothly as possible whilst dealing with any staff and employment issues that arise.

  • People Matter offers a personal and dedicated HR Consultant.
  • People Matter is experienced not just in HR but as operational managers.
  • Your HR Consultant becomes part of your team and can visit your business at short notice.
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